Transport, forwarding and logistics

Thanks to our long-standing and consolidated cooperation with suppliers and collaborators, we handle several types of transportation and freight forwarding:

  • Land freight with daily departures anywhere in Italy;
  • Transport with dedicated vehicles for national and international trips;
  • Land freight with twice-weekly departures for the main European destinations;
  • Air and sea freight, both full and consolidated, to and from the main ports/airports, with regular services to India and China;
  • Ro-Ro import/export freight for Tunisia with twice-weekly departures to and from the port of Leghorn;
  • Logistics and warehouse with e-commerce management.

We are able to guarantee effective coverage of any service necessary for your business, with the punctuality and reliability that has always distinguished our way of working.

The logistic service is performed by personnel qualified in structures with alarms, video surveillance and that respect current laws in terms of safety and fire prevention.

Ciclo produttivo trasporti


Our team is comprised of professional figures qualified in customs matters who, thanks to consistent correspondence with Customs Authorities, can take on the responsibility of coordinating and managing the administrative formalities necessary for import/export operations.

The Central Management of the Customs Agency has recognized Luccatrans S.r.l. the status of Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) qualifying, with the community certification, the activities carried out and recognizing the quality of reliable and safe operator.

Our customs assistance services are:

  • Operations in simplified procedures through electronic means;
  • ​Permanent and temporary import/export;
  • Transit;
  • Temporary admission and returned goods relief;
  • Imports under Bonded Warehouse and VAT Warehouse;
  • Issuing of certificates of origin;
  • Assistance in evaluating the grounds for Community certificates of origin;
  • Assistance in the procedure for recognition as authorized/registered exporter (REX System) as well as the placing of goods under special procedure;
  • Requests to Customs;
  • Verification of the combined nomenclature and any further details through binding tariff information;
  • Health, phytosanitary, veterinary and Fine Arts administrative formalities.


Ciclo produttivo dogana

Bonded and VAT warehouses

To complete our Customs services, we have the following warehouses:

  • Type C bonded warehouse;
  • Temporary storage warehouse;
  • VAT warehouse;

The Private Customs Warehouse entails storage of extra-EEC goods. Until such goods are purchased by the buyer, customs fees shall not be paid. These instruments constitute a strategic plus for our Customers and can lead to new logistic models in terms of quality and profitability.

The VAT Warehouse represents an added value, especially if associated – as in our case – with import, storage and distribution activities. The particularity of the warehouse is given by the opportunity to store – in VAT suspension arrangement – goods of national, community or extra-EEC provenance, as long as the customs duties have already been paid.
VAT will be paid when the goods are released for consumption. The advantage lies above all for companies with continuous input VAT or for those companies who have not been granted facilities for exporters on a permanent basis (plafond).

Ciclo produttivo depositi

Intrastat and customs consultancy

The high degree of professionalism acquired by our staff in the course of the years allows us to offer Intrastat presentation forms for goods and services, sale and purchase, with undersigning through digital signature and transmission via email to customs within the established timetable.

To Italian companies involved in foreign trade we offer assistance in customs matters by providing 360° continuative consultancy, periodically visiting the company or flanking the customer at the relative customs office.

Detail of the services offered:

  • Processing and presentation of Intrastat forms;
  • ​Consultancy related to intra-Community trade;
  • Consultancy related to trading abroad;
  • Customs consultancy for extra-Community trade;
  • Consultancy regarding customs tariffs and identification of commodity codes;
  • Assistance for the attainment of the status of Authorized/Registered Exporter (for the declaration of preferential origin on the invoice);
  • Assistance and consultancy in order to determine the preferential and non-preferential origin of the goods;
  • Assistance in invoicing foreign trade operations.
Ciclo produttivo intrastat